she's a groupie.

(16) gray v-neck top: american apparel/ (26) red skirt: thrifted/ (27) black ankle cowboy boots: rocketdog via canada zappos/
gray mix beanie: side of the road (yeah it's true)/ purple and gray tie: hand me down from sister's high school best friends father (it just keeps getting better right)/ black sheer tights: we love colors/

i just have to be the classiest person ever. i did, in fact, find this hat on a street we newfoundlanders call george, which has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in north america. but you know what i say to you people who think this is disgusting, a free used hat on the street is just as good or better than one at a thrift store. and if you tip your pretty little head in disgust at the mention of a thrift store, well i just can't help you. you are certainly no friend of mine :)
thanks jane for taking my pictures! my facial expressions are so much more pleasant when there is a friend behind the camera opposed to just a wall.
i amazingly, accidentially tied this correctly. i am loving this idea! don't even ask me how this tie and skirt work. it's a fashion miracle.
the best boots ever. go buy a pair of rocketdog's. right. now.
note to self. do not position leg directly behind your body.


Kay Bea said...

love the outfit. you are adorable.

I found a scarf on Prescott Street once, and It's one of my faves. Ain't nudding wrong wit it!

Also, I'm a fan of the tie-belt being tied like a tie!!

Chelsea Lane said...

oh my gosh, that tie belt is insane amazing! great job! I also have a hat I found on the street, I washed it about forty times before I wore it ;)


Lise said...

Side of the road? That. is. awesome! So you can see what kinda girl I am clearly - the broke student kind haha. And the tie really does work, I love it! I'm off to see if my brothers still have any high school ties around...