late bloomer.

(12) long sleeve purple top: thrifted/ (23) black wool skirt: esprit/ (30) yellow rubber boots: sears/
gray belt: t.k. maxx/ gray leggings: walmart/

this is the first time i've worn this skirt, my friend katy gave it to me for my birthday a couple weeks ago (what a sweetie), but i am pleased to say, i think it will be easy enough to remix. you know the only issue with wool though, itchy itchy. the belt i am wearing is itchy, too. luckily there are many layers blocking between it and my skin. it is kinda furry in person. fake of course.
in other news, i need to wash my hair, can you tell? oops. one thing i am not is a hair girl. i don't know if i will ever figure out how to do it. i am pretty sure i was in high school before i could put my hair in a ponytail without laying on my back with my head over the edge of the bed and putting it up that way. i always say i am a late bloomer at life.

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