30 for 30.

and here she goes folks! of course, i am slightly behind on this (a week and a half. oops.) but i always say better late than never. here are my 30 clothing picks that i will be remixing until i post 30 outfits!

(1) black and white striped dress: forever 21/ (2) black, gray and white floral print dress: thrifted, H&M/ (3) white sweater: winners/ (4) burgundy cardigan: thrifted, joe fresh/ (5) brown cardigan: thrifted/ (6) gray and black mix cardigan: forever 21/ (7) tan sweater vest/ (8) gray men's shirt: clothing swap/ (9) blue and white striped shirt: topshop/ (10) black shirt: H&M/ (11) long sleeve green top: thrifted, old navy/ (12) long sleeve purple top: thrifted/ (13) long sleeve gray printed top: american eagle outfitters/ (14) pink cropped top: winners/ (15) blue and white stripped top: thrifted/ (16) gray v-neck top: american apparel/ (17) star wars tunic: H&M/ (18) gray and white mix tank top: winners/ (19) white printed tunic: london/

(20) red blazer: thrifted/ (21) black cropped blazer: topshop/ (22) skinny jeans: clothing swap/ (23) black wool skirt: esprit/ (24) green leather skirt: thrifted/ (25) gray skirt: lush/ (26) red skirt: thrifted/ (27) black ankle cowboy boots: rocketdog via canada zappos/ (28) gray knee high slouch boots: chinese laundry via winners/ (29) black leather buckle boots: aldo/ (30) yellow rubber boots: sears/

i didn't include leggings in my list since i wear them as tights and not pants. as everyone should, in my opinion, especially if they are see through! hilariously enough, i had to include my yellow rubber boots because in all honesty, i wear them. all. the. time. they are like winter boots to me. they keep my feet dry and i just double up on socks when it is really cold to the toes. the things i have included are some things i wear all the time, sometimes and very rarely, so it should be interesting to see which items i repeat the most!

happy remixing!

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