make a change.

a confession letter to myself.

i am becoming a slacker. my routine has blown out the window. i've been skipping classes, calling in sick at work and am absolutely never on time. late, even to things i seriously want to go to.
no more of it.
i can't keep going this way. i love school, but i won't get out of bed when my alarm sounds the first time. after the first alarm sounds my half asleep self can not be trusted. i woke up at 10:30 a.m. sleeping on top of my cell phone (which is my alarm) and then thought "oh i will just skip my first class" which then lead to me going back to sleep and waking up and deciding "i'll just skip today, but this is the last time." my teachers and classmates are going to start putting me in the "drop out" group and i totally can't let that happen. i did really, really well last term. i have goals that i want to achieve.
i need to get my shit together.
this is me fessing up to my lack of movement these last few weeks. it's not as though i am feeling sad in life or anything, i am actually pretty happy. there are things happening in my life this term that weren't in the last and i wonder if this is pulling my focus. if i want to balance all of these things, then i have to become more dedicated.
self goals:

1. no more procrastinating. meaning no more long hours on my computer for absolutely no reason. seriously my computer is time sucking me. esp. facebook. i want to delete it. real bad sometimes.
do your homework instead!

2. go to bed at a reasonable hour. this also is at fault of my computer. either i am up doing homework cause i spent all evening on my computer or i am on my computer.
go to sleep by 1:00 a.m. bed at midnight (yes this is early for me).
you are a champion sleeper! there is no reason you can't fall asleep. and if you can't, read a book, stay away from your bright computer screen.

3. start going to the gym in the morning before school. omg. i am so not a morning person, but i need to be. my classes are in the morning so how am i ever going to succeed unless i make myself become a morning person. i want to be happy and healthy and if i can get to the gym before class then i can get to class on time.
when you put your mind to something, you can get results!

4. no more calling in sick to work. i worked at Winners for months without calling in sick once. and i was working another job then. no more showing up late for work. you only have three shifts a week. it's not rocket science.
make work a priority and take pride in being a good worker.
people shouldn't have any possible reason to complain about you!

all in all, every minute counts so use them to do things that make you feel productive.
stop living a life of mediocrity. let yourself be awesome.


Kay Bea said...

we are in the exact same predicament!
except, I don't even work, so technically, I'm lazier :P

you've inspired me though....see you tomorrow 9 am sharp?

LaToya said...

Wow. Nice kick in the butt to get moving. Great post!