exciting news!

well. you might not think it exciting, but i do! one of my favorite bloggers, Kendi, is holding another 30 for 30 challenge: winter edition.
30 for 30 consists of choosing 30 items from your closet (not including accessories or coats, but including blazers, cardigans, tops, skirts, pants, dresses, shoes, etc.) and re mixing those thirty items along with whatever accessories you want (scarves, jewelry, hats, tights etc.) for thirty days (or more).
and . . . no shopping from start to finish of the challenge.
i've always loved reading and seeing what the ladies come up with. Kendi is like a re mixing pro now after doing it three times already. last time i was tempted to sign up so this time i am! that means there will be at least 31 posts to come. the first will be my 30 choices, which i am already thinking about. i can sometimes become really meticulous when i am excited about something and want to make sure i pick a variety of items. Kyla, another one of my favorite bloggers and re mixers, took part in the challenge last time and wrote that she planned many of her outfits before the challenge even started so that she knew what items she would be able to use. smart gal! i am totally going to get right to it!
the challenge starts the first of february!

this is the most recent, most excited picture of myself i could find.
it's true i am in my glee when i am dancing! amongst other things.

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