smile and you will be happy.

sometimes i am obnoxiously happy.
most of the time actually.
and i like to spread the positivity.
don't let the mondays get you down.

five things that make me happy!

(1)knitting. specifically creating your own knitting patterns. it is a good class to have on a monday morning.

(2)lady pals. two of my current favorite awkward old photos of us nuts.

about two years ago.

about a year ago. . .

and this picture is what prompted the picture above.
hahahha. the best.

(3)fudgy hugs. they are indeed as good as they sound.

(4)learning. i am the biggest nerd. i love being told about things much more than reading about them. it might sound bad that i don't want to read, but asking questions gets you to the things you want to know more efficently. the more i learn about india, the more i want to go there. it has made it's way to the list of places to visit.

(5) coffee. i can not believe i only started drinking it a little over a year ago.

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