paris. day two.

i tried to pack all of these things in a teeny tiny backpack. needless to say, very unsuccessful. i ended up staying awake the night before i left trying to decide which things to leave behind.
here are some of my favorite photos from our second day in paris. we spent most of our first day traveling from london to paris and did not take any pictures or do anything, except shower, eat and sleep.

the louvre.

classy lady here. revealing she is wearing shorts under her skirt. so tired from walking in circles inside the louvre.
chicken stuffed with goat cheese?, spinach salad and sweet potato wedges. yummo.

the two pictures above are from the modern art museum. there was a feminism exhibit when we went there. i like the use of objects to symbolize women being trapped.
the view from the top floor of the modern art museum.

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