florence and the machine. also, imogen heap.

the last one is my favorite. i have just in the last couple of days started listening to these guys. i guess i am just in the mood now, cause i tried to listen to them before and did not like them. hahaha. tastes and moods change i suppose. i originally found out about them because they were playing at a festival i wanted to attend in belgium and then heard this song on the vampire diaries the other day (yep. i have been watching this show non-stop online since i started watching it last week). others that i have listened to are drumming song, rabbit heart, kiss with a fist, all very sweet tracks.
now that i have re-listened to imogen heap, i am not sure why florence and the machince reminded me of them, but i guess there are defiantly some similarities. i discovered imogen heap through watching the o.c. is this the new trend in television?! i have noticed a lot of televison shows playing somewhat obscure music during their episodes. and by obscure i mean not the top 100 and such.

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