soooooooo... found this band that i really dig last night. i am having an extreme music day today as you can see by my previous post. it is what i do to relax. and today i am relaxing. cause it is my day off. my next day off is not until wednesday. these three guys are from ottawa and were only in town because the lead singer is getting married, i presume to a gal from newfoundland cause why else would someone come here to get married really. anywho, they describe themselves as garage/ rock/ indie. right up my ally. i find it quite helpful when bands classify themselves this way because it makes it much easier for me to understand my own musical tastes. i know the music i like, but i sometimes have trouble explaining it to others. my favorite song by them is red letter. the first two lines are "you are a rubik's cube and i'm pulling off the stickers. you're not the kind of game i want to play." how could anyone not love that!

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