caen, france. day 4 and day 5.

the festival beauregard. day one. we were far in the back watching iggy and the stooges. but i louveeee this photo. of all my trip photos, maybe the top five.PHOENIX!
he was standing on the security fence. they know how to get the crowd going crazy!
the next day, hanging out in the park and around town.

everything sounds better in french.
concert day two. mika. his show was very elaborate and theatrical.

la roux. her set started off pretty slow. i am unsure if it the song order or if people just don't know her music, maybe both. but when colorless color came on, i could not help but jump around like a silly girl.

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Nicki said...

Lovely photographs! Super jealous of you... Well, more jealous than I already was.