update: back to real life.

hey people! it seems i've returned to the land of real life where you need to think about the money you are spending. boo who. awwww well. on the upside! i am back with my cats, friends, and clothes. hahahhahaha. today i was not sure how to dress myself. i am so used to living out of a backpack that i had the urge to dress out of my backpack again today. it is weird. it is almost as if i am over whelmed by having a choice.
i am living in a weird state i suppose. i was in such a bubble and returning to my home has put everything back into perspective. i have so many exciting new things in my head for the fall though. learning, dancing, living.
i hope you guys are ready for a load of random pictures from europe cause they're a coming. i'll try not to bore you too much of course. and outfit posts as soon as i remember how to dress myself.

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Nicki said...

I know what you mean by having trouble with too much selection. I'm most often confronted with this dilemma while standing infront of the candy rack. Glad to have you back, dear =).