it's a green day.

(13) long sleeve gray printed top: american eagle outfitters/ (25) gray skirt: lush/ (29) black leather buckle boots: aldo/
pink and green scarf: winners/ black leggings: store in london (the name of which i can not remember)/
turquoise studded purse: hype via winners/
happy st. patrick's day people! i could totally write a post. if i forced it. but i don't wanna force it. i only had three hours of sleep last night cause i was knitting all night. trying to catch up on school work is my life right now.

this is the pattern i was knitting for many hours last night. now, i'll get back to it.


Lindsay Jean said...

I love those little black boots! I've been searching for some like that.

L.Voss said...

for one i have been hunting for a pair of boots like that for months love love love them and for two your purse is Auhmazing