here is the thing about being stubborn...

eventually i give in. you just have to let me come to the decision on my own terms.
i am going to quit while i am ahead with this whole 30 for 30 thing. it was a good first effort. and i defiantly appreciate those ladies who post outfit photos on their blog almost everyday. it is a lot harder than you think!

so to put me in happy spirits again, here are five things that make me happy!

(1) blog comments! thank you to anyone who follows my randomness and especially for sweet comments. it makes my day.

(2) quotes. here is a new favorite.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt

seriously. that is awesome. i like it so much that i ponder tattooing it on me. i only got my first tattoo a year ago though so i should probably wait a while to get another.

it is a compass on my right forearm. there are phases in life. i was entering a new one. making decisions for my own happiness. i decided to quit floating amongst the undecided at university and do something totally unconventional. i was saving money to go on a trip to europe and i applied to the textile arts program at the college. the tattoo symbolizes taking a life direction, finding my way. everyone asks me why northeast and i always make the joke that i am a bit off. i think it says a lot about me.

(3) coffee table books. yesterday i bought one called the "wonders of the world."

(4) corn nuts.
(5) new friends and good friends.


Alison said...

<3 you!


Nicki said...

Guess who's baaaaaack?! Haha. You are cute, lover <3.