who said you can't wear your pajamas in public.

(9) blue and white striped shirt: topshop/ (23) black wool skirt: esprit/ (28) gray knee high slouch boots: chinese laundry via winners/
white belt: thrifted?/ mustard printed pajama leggings: winners/
oh the horror!
well. if you are going to wear pajamas to work, they had better be this cool. a customer asked me did i get my leggings from our store. i was surprised that she would think they were from winners, but where else around here would you find something so random. winners is the best. i like working there just for the fabulous shopping. i never shop anymore. i just buy things while i am working. the only time i ever go to the mall is when i actually have to work. you know people who i can't stand? those people who have decided to scowl while shopping. why are scowling dude? you are shopping, be happy!
i am in love with this outfit. i love it when cute combination just fall into place.

these boots pull up to my knees, but they always end up falling down again. can you get boot garters?! that's be odd/interesting. odd equals interesting for me i guess. actually i know. you should see the art i am inspired by.
some fun edits coming soon of this last photo. i love editing effects. what a nerd i am.
and something else i love, my messy hair. especially when it conveniently covers my face in outfit photos!

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