and stripes.

(6) gray and black mix cardigan: forever 21/ (15) blue and white stripped top: thrifted/ (25) gray skirt: lush/ (29) black leather buckle boots: aldo/
tan beret: spring/ gray leggings: garage/
neutrals. and stripes. i don't know why i am surprised really. anyone who knows me knows i love a lot of gray. and i really love to wear it. and stripes are defiantly my favorite pattern to wear. i have many striped things in my wardrobe. i feel like a wardrobe count absolutely has to happen some point in the not too distant future.
you remember the south park character i posted in january? well, here it is. how accurate!
hat, gray, stripes, braids! the hat is two head pieces that i combined (the antlers and alligator hat), then there is the gray cardigan which is based upon my gray xxl men's cardigan that i thrifted and named "my old man cardigan," along with a striped red shirt (got it in my actual wardrobe) and bright blue pants (yep. i got them, too). add a long strapped purse, a couple of cats, a beer or three and there you have it. chelsie teela.

i have not been being a good boot mom recently. these are three years old and still going because i used to clean and wax them every couple of weeks or so. this winter? not so much. lovely salt stains.
i choose the beret cause it seems more comfortable, but which one would you choose, the beret or the fedora?

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Kay Bea said...

you knows I prefer the fedora! ;)

you are pretty!!