(6) gray and black mix cardigan: forever 21/ (10) black shirt: H&M/ (26) red skirt: thrifted/ (28) gray knee high slouch boots: chinese laundry via winners/

straw-look fedora: unknown/ gray tights: we love colors/
it is so interesting when you start to see patterns about yourself. it just goes to show that you are understanding more about yourself and what you are into. i've noticed patterns everywhere in my life. i like specific types of clothes, music, art, people.
i seem to like wearing skirts. all the time. not jeans. not dresses. skirts. i own twenty plus skirts (yeah, i have admitted to being a shopaholic). dresses become boring. there are only so many ways you can wear a dress. i do like skinny jeans, but i've never been the girl wearing black dress pants. or any dress pants. slacks, bleh. i found a pair of trousers made of jersey or something on urban outfitters once, but they sold out before i could order them! i probably would have wore them all the time just cause they looked sooo comfy! it seems i also like to wear hats. i have a collection of those, too, but i'll have to count them at another time.
oh and this is dora for those who don't know her.
my lovely class :) telle is wearing a duck on her head cause that is what you do at a baby shower, force the future momma to wear something hilarious. it entertained us for a while. but we are all very, very tired these days.

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