teenage dirtbag.

tell me someone who doesn't know every word to this song. ohhh... to be a teenager again. except. i am so glad i am not a teenager anymore. you don't realize how annoying they are until you aren't one. they curse at each other from opposite ends of the street and think it funny to pretend to push each other into on coming traffic. and i know this is really stupid to say cause a lot of people say this, but i know sooooo much more now than i knew back then. i had no idea what i liked. but although i had no idea what i liked, i knew what i didn't like. i think the best thing that ever happened to me in high school was watching the o.c. some might think it is a lame show, but it introduced me to creating personal style and tons of wicked awesome music such as... the killers!! this is a great website for music ideas.
p.s. as far as i know wheatus is a one hit wonder. let me know if you do not feel the same. maybe they are a treasure that is worth searching? or not.

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Nicki said...

I know what you mean. It's stereotypical, but when you're a teenager all you want to do is fit in. I'm alot more accepting of myself, my quirks, my likes, and dislikes now than I ever was in highschool. It's amazing what a few years' difference can make!