self love.

nicki wrote a post a few days back about 10 things she likes about herself, 5 personality traits and 5 physical traits. i found myself having a difficult time at first because i was in a phase of body hate, but i am currently over that so i decided to do one of my own.

1. inquisitive. i have days where i am constantly asking questions. a kind of curious george. if i haven't had time alone with my thoughts, they tend to overflow into the universe, left behind for others to ponder the answer. i feel like some people live so shallowly and don't think about things. i like to try to think of reasons for why people are the way they are and not just go about life only upon the surface. i like this about myself. others might get annoyed though.

2. intelligent. i think i am anyways. in high school, i always said it would be the best compliment someone could give me. i like to learn about things and i am not afraid to ask stupid questions. anymore. i like this quote: To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge. Benjamin Disraeli. i surround myself with people who can teach me something. it doesn't really matter what they teach me as long as they have something to teach.

3. empathetic . everyone has the right to be heard. i understand people don't have to share the same views as me. just because i am an atheist does not mean that i believe everyone needs to be. i don't believe anyone should push their views on others, including myself.

4. independent. i like to support myself financially. i like to try new things even if they scare me. i know who i am and i like who i am and if you don't like me, what am i suppose to do about it.

5. honest. yes i tell fibs from time to time, don't we all. but ultimately i am going to be honest with you. i sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve, but i am not afraid that it will break. it's a strong heart.

6. eyes. i like that they are green. probably because i like to be different.

7. back. who doesn't like their back though, it is always lean and sexy.

8. dents above my butt. mischievous as a tattoo, but cuter.

9. butt. i guess what i am trying to say is that i like the way i look from behind?! hahah.

10. legs. when i am in shape, they are muscular, but lean. and they look pretty cute in a skirt. i think i better take up cross country skiing again. seriously, it is a great all around work out.

well. now i am feeling better about myself. there is nothing quite like a positive attitude. share the love people! i would love to read your 10 if you would like to post a link in my comments!

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Nicki said...

I like the way you look from behind as well ;) haha! Great list Chelsiepoo.