sweet blog.

big thanks to my one of my besties, fellow lemming and personal blogger, nicki @ kaleidoscope thrills, for nominating me for a sweet blog award! i really have no idea what i am doing and just sort of putter around, but it is nice to know someone appreciates my randomness.
i am supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers and let them know about it by commenting on their blog. easy enough except i really wasn't sure who to nominate as a lot of the blogs i read are featured in magazines and what not. i wanted to try to nominate those girls who don't get as much recognition as i feel they should. regardless, here are my faves:

kyla @ blue collar catwalk
tieka @ selective potential
nicole @ cut and sew
tania @ what would a nerd wear
jen @ jen loves kev
caroline @ looks good to me
kendi @ kendi everyday
jentine @ my edit

i've only made it to eight, but i think that's okay :)

1 comment:

Nicki said...

No problem Chelsie-poo! And 8's close enough =).