do the hula. hoop.

shirt: thrifted/ skirt: lush via suki (boutique in montreal)/ ring: gifted by jane/ sneakers: thrifted

obviously i am not your professional style blogger as i took these pictures, well jane is actually the photographer, in the dark, while i was intoxicated, with my skirt hiked up. but it most certainly is an honest depiction of me so there you go.
this hula hoop is actually supposed to be used as exercising equipment. it is rather heavy and either bruised my sides or did give me a work out. i really don't know which is the case. i really like that i look like i am dancing even though i am not! if you want a fun party favor buy this thing. it caused quite an interesting bunch of photo shoots.

this is the same picture just edited. what better place to self indulge than your personal blog though right?! and this picture does not highlight my outfit, but i like how strange it looks.

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mandy said...

Your arm looks amazingly long in that picture. It's a neat perspective.

We need to get one of those hula hoops.