am i nuts? i'm nuts.

i am that person who frequently giggles at the silly things i do. and then i choose to tell my friends about them. some people would choose to keep things to themselves, but i like to make people laugh even if it involves me looking stupid. and i feel like my friends are friends with me and not some cooler version of me because of these silly things. i write this after attempting to tickle my cat in what would be her armpit. as i did it i wondered if she would giggle. even thinking this thought made me giggle. sometimes i feel nuts for having elaborate internal conversations with myself, but you know what, it's these little giggles that make my day. i am going to make the bold statement and say, my favorite thing to do is laugh. i certainly can't take myself too seriously. and i can't be bothered to hang out with people who choose to take life so seriously. ALL. THE. TIME. there is a time to have serious conversations about life and then there is a time to tickle your cat's would be armpit.

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