lady on a mission.

(1) black and white striped dress: forever 21/(21) black cropped blazer: topshop/ (28) gray knee high slouch boots: chinese laundry via winners/

pink wayfarers: powder room via winners/ black and blue stripped leggings: american eagle outfitters via winners/
i want to wear other clothes already! i took pictures of five outfits tonight. four of which i have actually already worn and one that i've had smashing around in my brain against everything else hanging out up there. you know what i continuously learn over and over again doing this challenge and you are probably tired of reading? i have tonsssssss of clothes. when i wrote about myself in my sidebar, calling myself a shopaholic, i was actually kidding. but i am not so sure anymore. oh and another thing i noticed is that i have bought a lot of stuff while working at winners. there are three things in this outfit that i bought since i started working there a year and a couple months ago. rarely do i come home empty handed.
(6) gray and black mix cardigan: forever 21/ (17) star wars tunic: H&M/ (28) gray knee high slouch boots: chinese laundry via winners/
gray mix beanie: side of the road/ orange belt: t.k. maxx/ gray leggings: garage/ gray knee socks: urban outfitters/

i swear this shirt used to be longer. i totally must have shrunk it in the dryer this time. i knew it was on the short side, but then when i put my smock on at work, there was no shirt to be seen. and we all know how i feel about leggings as pants. big no no.
i have yet to see a star wars movie. haven't been there, haven't done that, but hell, i got the t-shirt.

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