coming in pairs. of two or more.

(12) long sleeve purple top: thrifted/ (25) gray skirt: lush/ (27) black ankle cowboy boots: rocketdog via canada zappos/
black leggings: the shoe company/ green polka dot socks: american eagle outfitters via winners/
black long coat: thrifted, zara/ gray scarf: thrifted/

this is my "it's not that cold out today" coat. i have a much more insulated (read: puffy) coat for the "gawd. it's cold enough that i don't want to leave my bed" mornings.
(5) brown cardigan: thrifted/ (19) white printed tunic: london/ (22) skinny jeans: clothing swap/
sewing machine necklace: camden market london/

have you met my cat, missy? how cute is she. you can totally visualize her strut. her walk has been compared to that of a penguin. last night she attempted to freshen her kitty breath by eating my chewing gum. i moved the gum to my desk. then the other one, dora, was enticed by the minty freshness as well. i ended up tossing the pack into my school bag. but i did not zip the zipper. then when i woke up this morning, pieces of gum were scattered across my floor, wrappers still on. it didn't look like they actually ate any, but they certainly were preoccupied by the scent at least.

"centrifuchsia" lipstick: lime crime/

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