paris. day eleven, twelve and thirteen?

fairy leaps are required. the eiffel tower was not exactly what i thought it would be. i mean i guess i knew it was made of metal, but the metal seems thinner than i had imagined, as though it was empty. we did not see it at night though, but beautiful all the same.
meet my travel companion jane! we had a little hold-the-camera-in-front-of-your-face photo shoot because how else would people know that we did in fact go to europe together and not separately with a photographer in tow, just happening to take pictures in all the same places. my hair is ridiculously tied to the top of my head because when i pull my hair back in photos, i think i look like a boy. yep. i. am. strange.

looking at all of these pictures is so surreal. i can't believe that it's me. sitting on the grass in front of the eiffel tower in paris. i want to go back to try and make it feel real.

this bush was filled with little birds in front of the notre dame. i was trying to get a photo of one on my hand, but it stole the bread and fled.
side view of the notre dame. when the clouds look so perfect and fluffy like this i always compare them to the clouds in the beginning credits of the simpsons.

jane and i were searching for the fashion museum on this day. we found the museum and it was closed. boo who. but we also found a patisserie across the street to eat our pain away.
we decided to stop being loners and hang out with the people at our hostel. the first week of the trip was really emotional for me. because of the language barrier, and the fact that i was being shy, i felt so alone. i am used to being surrounded by a group of wonderfully chatty, intelligent girls and i missed them. so. freaking. much. in this photo i am drawing a compass on one of the guys' arms. there were five of us walking around with compass tats. mine being the only real one.
happy girls! (drunk, too. oops.)

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