the variations of personal style here is amazing. i love it. so many inspiring things all around me. i have been tempted to ask people to take pictures of their outfits, but because my blog is so insignificant, i think i would feel silly. there is a very eclectic fashion community here. i would totally live here, except, damn, i miss my friends sooo soooooo much. i really love my st. john's family. awwww, the friend love.
i went shopping a couple days ago. tk maxx is wicked. like tj maxx in the states and winners in canada. i bought two pairs of shoes, three belts and a sweater. i might have to return a couple things though if i see really cool stuff at the up market tomorrow. apparently, so i have read, a lot of new designers, right out of school, sell things there. so excited for that.
i have been really reading up on my designers lately. i bought a vogue in every different country. and it has been very educational. i have been using the autumn/winter runway shows as a guide to what i should be spending my money on. here's the trends that i am really into:
1) army style coats. if i had any money at all i would have me a Burberry jacket, but alas, way out of my price range. i bought one at h&m instead.
2) skinny waist clinchers. wide belts are out, skinnies are in. just in case you were wondering.
3) hosiery. short socks, long socks, tights, etc. wear them with boots, flats, strappy sandals, everything really. i have had some trouble finding socks though which i am guessing is because it is still summer, but i bought a black pair at american apparel that will work with all my shoes. you can also find things like this at urban outfitters online shop and also fancy socks at welovecolors.com.
4) knit sweaters. here is wear you can probably save some money on cause everyone has tons of old sweaters that will work. i plan to rummage through my parents closet when i go home for a few days. i love oversized tops so when i try to shop for sweaters i have a tendency to look in the mens section, hence, my oversized old man cardigan that i can't wait to jump into when i get back to my closet. for the runway shows, they paired delicate skirts with chunky knit sweaters.
those are my fave trends, but there are many more. this is just what i have been shopping for.
p.s. is it wrong that i am already sick of the heat? i have the shaggiest hair all the time. i may need a hair cut.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you too darling :) Can't wait for you to get back!!!