bonjour tout le monde! maintenant, je suis francais.
not at all actually. i am terrible at speaking french. i have been in france for a week now, away from newfoundland for ten days. wow. how i miss all the newfoundlanders. travel companion? (damn the lack of english spell check) and i met three newfoundland boys in paris though. steve, chris, and paul. they aren't going to any of the same places at the same times as us, but it was shweet to talk to people. anyone really, whose first language is english! that they were from home was an added bonus.
here is the low down on french fashion as i have seen it thus far:
1) legbandy things, like cuffs; but not really. such as aladian pant, but also on shorts, skirts, etc.
2) linen. as in pants and shorts. i don't think of them as very fashion forward, but i guess you gotta beat the heat.
3) girls wearing loose fitting tops with skinny jeans. this is actually pretty trendy in canada and the U.S. part of the reason it is probably so popular here though is because they can't buy clothes small enough. pretty much every young person is thin here. i mean like no hips or thighs and an average rack. yes i go around sizing people up. what else do i have to do with my time.
4) fitted clothes for guys, but not tight. no baggy jeans revealing boxers to be seen anywhere by moi.
5) stripes and florals are seen frequently, not surprisingly so, along with plaid on guys.
6) neutrals. this i find quite odd because i love to wear a pop of color, but people here stick to greys, tans, white, etc. i do love seeing lots of different neutrals in the same outfit though.
7) as far as accessories go, shoes are many variations of sneakery flats or gladiator sandals. people don't wear berets, i saw like two. fedoras are worn most often, not a lot of headwear in general. straigeners are kept in drawers, curly hair and fly aways welcome. makes sense as your hair probably wouldn't stay straight anyways.
8) things don't seem overly trendy or out of place. we probably adapt our trends from these places? causing trends in canada to be months behind? just a hypothesis. either everyone is wearing something or nobody is wearing it.
9) case in point (from my last sentence) there aren't visible sub groups concerning clothing. it ,ay just be that we are not frequenting the places they frequent, example, scene kids at the mall.
10) and to round out the list here. although people aren't wearing tees with cartoons or writing all over them, TONS of people wear shirts that say I <3 ______ (insert random place name or thing). christoph said that if someone wears an I <3 new york shirt, it is there way of showing they are open minded or cultured because new york is another top culture hub of the world along with paris. we even saw an J'<3 rein. Je suis Parisien meaning i love nothing, i am from paris. i guess they don't like new york. who knows really.

i wish i could post some pictures for you, but the computer i am currently sitting with does not have a slot for my camera card. photos as soon as possible!

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Nicki said...

I can't say I'm disappointed to hear baggy pants aren't popular for men across the pond. Apparently there is hope for the world. Enjoy Milan lover =).