people usually wonder where my middle name "tela" comes from. well. it is actually spelled "teela" and apparently as i found out today should be pronounced tilae or something or other. regardless i say teela.
so here's the story. when i was born my older sister, megan, was six years old and at the time had an obsession with masters of the universe. she wanted my first name to be teela after heman's girl friend in the show and also man of arms adopted daughter. i don't know if any of you watched this show. i have no idea what it entails besides they are a bunch of warriors, which i think is pretty damn cool. moving on... my sister demanded that my name be teela or my parents weren't allowed to bring me home from the hospital. so they called me chelsie tela, actual spelling on my birth certificate, but because my sister was only six and my parents had no idea what this television show was, they spelled it incorrectly. i have adapted it to "teela" because nobody knows my pronunciation without the other "e". they always call me tell + ahh.
anywho. there's my name rant. i like having an unusual name.


Elle Sees said...

That's an interesting story. And now you know why!

Nicki said...

LOL. Seems we both have our sisters to thank for our monikers!