queen. and glee doing queen.

this one is my favorite!

i luvvvre queen. my friends seem to believe that my musical tastes are limited to music made in this decade, so not the case. here is my proof :)i like tons of their songs, but i am sure you know them, too.

this post prompted by glee. specifically bohemian rhapsody in the season finale by the sexy jesse st. james. swoon. i didn't realize until today that queen is a favorite for the show.


Anonymous said...

Oh mannnnn Queen is my #1 of all time favorite band. No lies. I can't decide what my other bands in any top ten list would be, but it's always Queen on top. I went to see the We Will Rock You musical in Toronto and it was definitely one of the highlights of my life thus far.

There have been 3 Queen songs on Glee, Somebody to Love (one of my all time fave songs), Another One Bites the Dust (Vocal Adrenaline) and Bohemian Rhapsody (Jesse + VA). I'd like to see New Directions take on another Queen song, like Killer Queen or I Want To Break Free.

Anddddd I'm rambling. We should have a Glee party before or after you get back. Get drunk on themed drinks, make themed food, dress up and listen to the music (yes, I am clinically insane for Glee).

Woo! Love this post and you <3 and I don't want you to leave me for a month :(


Nicki said...

I'm sad Jesse isn't on the show anymore. I hope he makes a guest appearance next season!