la roux.

you tell um!

never heard this one before, but i quite like it.

this is on the radio, which makes me like it less. what can i say people, at least i am honest about being weird. i hateeee the radio stations here. seriously, hits fm is enough to make me vomit. okay, i'll stop being a bitch now. i promised not to complain. i might be a complainy individual which i never thought myself to be.
la roux is french for the red headed one, although the grammar isn't appropriate as la is feminine and roux is masculine. a mixture of the masculine and feminine is quite fitting for this girl. jane and i are also seeing her at this concert in france!

warning: end rant.
i hate the youtube comments section. people are always so mean. don't you have something better to do with your time. or better yet, start a blog so only people who want to hear your opinions will. and i also hate that everyone is compared to lady gaga. part of her being different is just a way to make more money. why is everyone else said to be copying her. don't forget gaga has not been around long at all.
awww. can never say that enough. hehe.

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Nicki said...

Yeah I think it's pretty silly how everyone is compared to Lady Gaga... I mean, I like Lady Gaga but for eff's sake! Not EVERYONE wants to be her, although I wouldn't mind a share in her fortune... Haha.