dress code.

shirt: h&m/ pants: bluenotes/ sunnies: powder room via winners

this outfit actually does not follow dress code at winners, even though at first glance it looks completely appropriate, but ya know what. if they told me how to dress, i probably would not work there anymore. i like to determine my own dress code. the back of this shirt shows a lot of my back because it is crocheted just like in the front (the front is acceptable because i have to wear a blue apron over it anyway). and for some reason they call these pants jeans. i don't know why really. they don't contain denim or look like denim. it does not matter though, cause they have never complained about the way i dress. at least not to me specifically.

yum yums, for when you have a cold. mmmmm... i think i'll get me a cup of hot lemon water right now.

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Nicki said...

Yeah, I'm a little slack on my job's dress code too... =). Feel better soon ducky <3.