here i go again.

why am i starting a new blog? about a year ago, i started reading fashion blogs and immediately started writing my own. i think blogs are much more personal than facebook and anything goes really. i attempted to be organized by starting two blogs: one for my words and one for my wardrobe. not such a good idea though, because it is hard to keep up two blogs that way. or at least it is for me. so getting to the point of starting this one, i guess i would like to provide a much cleaner, more consistent, image of myself. even if it is just more pleasing for myself.
I am thinking this blog will be less about me rambling and more photos, clips, etc. just things that are occurring naturally in life. whether it is what i am focused on, a new band i found or an old band found again, and things that make me happy. it is really just an online journal to make lists and stay organized. if you like it too, then that's good also.
Here is what's to come:
i will do no more complaining because i should not be blogging when i have a shitty day, week, month. this is the beginning of me doing only things that make me happy.

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